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Sakorski LLC produce's the most exquisite high end buttons to promote your prestigious  events.

Features are:

     »  Custom designs

     »  Illuminating graphics

     »  Silky smooth feel

     »  Lasting Durability


Sakorski LLC

Sakorski LLC manufactures exquisite, high end, pin back buttons.

The Sakorski team specializes in the production of the popular 2 1/4" - multi-color pin back button, perfect for promoting events or special occasions. (Other sizes available).


With close attention to custom designs and intricate  detail, our experienced team at Sakorski MFG incorporates the highest quality control to produce custom pin back buttons that will get "noticed"!


After the designs are approved by our customer, the multi-color graphics are laser printed and cut for each button.  Then, covered with super clear Mylar transparencies, each pin back button is electronically compressed, giving it a super smooth feel.

Experience Sakorski

Whether ordering 50 or 50,000 2 1/4" pin backs, Sakorski can meet your button needs.

Experience Sakorski Today: For ordering, design information or price quotes, contact our friendly associates.


Sales representative Roger Briski | Phone: (715) 828-1183 | Email Form


Sakorski LLC

Sakorski LLC specializes in the manufacturing of custom - multi-color 2 1/4" pin back buttons.

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"Experience Sakorski!"

Limited Offer

For a limited time only, purchase Multi-color 2 1/4" buttons for the same price as standard black and white designs. (other button sizes availiable upon request)

Sakorski LLC

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